STM32H7R/S: New bootflash MCUs with higher scalability & security

Unlocking new innovation possibilities

Unlocking new innovation possibilities

The new STM32H7R/S lines combine performance, scalability, and security accommodating the most demanding application requirements in IoT, medical and industrial settings.
The lines offer developers more design freedom to achieve MPU-like applications at a low cost, facilitated by a simpler development process thanks to the MCU's ecosystem. 

Greater performance, scalability & security


5-package options from 144 to 225 pins


Graphics lines with NeoChrom GPU enable smoother, richer MPU-like GUIs with advanced capabilities.


10-package options from 68 to 225 pins


General-purpose line-up designed to achieve high performance and provide a rich feature set for cost-optimized designs.

Key benefits

High performance

Execute real-time anywhere, with serial & parallel memory interfaces up to 200 MHz DTR. 

Design freedom

High scalability to optimize your design and reduce costs.

Advanced graphics

Powerful 2.5D NeoChrom GPU & Chrom-ART for 2D GUI applications. Enables UIs with HD resolution.

Key features

  • Single core: Arm Cortex®-M7 running at 600 MHz, with 1284 DMIPS.
  • Flexible memories: 64 Kbytes bootflash (user flash), 2x xSPI with Quad, Hyper and Octo support, 2x SD/SDIO/MMC and FMC with SRAM, PSRAM, SDRAM, NOR/NAND.
  • Graphics: NeoChrom GPU, Chrom-GRC, JPEG codec, LCD-TFT, and digital camera.
  • Security: Target SESIP3 and PSA certified level 3 certifications, flexible life cycle, secure debug authentication, secure key-storage and immutable Root of Trust.
  • Connectivity: variety of interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, UART, USART, SPI, I2C, I3C, FDCAN, SAI, and HDMI-CEC.

First STM32 with bootflash memory


Securely protect your data

Securely protect your data

The STM32H7S prioritizes security by offering the capability to encrypt and decrypt information directly from flash and RAM on-the-fly, making it the first STM32H7 to do all this. Now, thanks to on-the-fly encryption/decrypt (MCE), the STM32H7S can protect user data from intruders, among other things.

Get started with STM32H7S




Unleash the full potential of the STM32H7S7/7R7 line with the STM32H7S78-DK discovery kit. Evaluate a wide range of peripherals and expand your applications with flexible connectors. The kit includes an STLINK-V3EC debugger and programmer for easy development.




Speed up evaluation with our cost-effective Nucleo-144 board featuring a BGA225 package. It comes with the STM32 comprehensive free software libraries and examples available with the STM32Cube MCU package.

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Run MPU-like applications with the new STM32 high-performance bootflash MCUs.