New 2.4 GHz wireless MCUs

STM32WBA55: Enhanced wireless performance for ​greater user experience​


The flexible, compact and highly secured solution that simplifies your design journey​

The flexible, compact and highly secured solution that simplifies your design journey​

The STM32WBA55 product line supports multiple wireless standards concurrently, including Bluetooth® LE 5.4 (certified), Zigbee, Thread, and Matter as a Thread boarder router.

It provides developers with the flexibility needed to navigate the evolving wireless landscape, and enhanced security to safeguard data and prevent hacking or device cloning.

This new product line is our first Bluetooth® LE 5.4 device capable of supporting audio streaming, featuring Auracast broadcasting.

Key benefits

High performance

Multiprotocol support granting greater flexibility. Stronger signal and a more robust link thanks to +10dBm output power.

Certified security

SESIP level 3 target certification, compliant with the US Cyber Trust Mark and EU Radio Equipment Directive.

Simpler development

Supported in the STM32 ecosystem with software packages and tools for hardware configuration & wireless performance evaluation.

Key features

  • Concurrent mode
  • Arm® Cortex – M33​ core running at 100 MHz
  • Ultra-low-power platform, 2.4 GHz radio
  • Long range, 2 Msps, advertising extension
  • 1 MB flash, 256 Kbytes with 100 cycles
  • 128 Kbytes SRAM, 64 Kbytes parity check
  • TrustZone®, MPU, DSP, FPU
  • Isochronous channel

Suitable for many applications


  • Industrial gateway
  • Wireless and contactless subsystem


  • Powered patient beds
  • Dialysis machines


  • Audio and video
  • Wearables

Get started



Whether you are a seasoned developer or a curious hobbyist, the STM32 Nucleo-64 development board helps jumpstart your embedded systems journey. The board with STM32WBA55CG MCU supports Arduino, ST Zio and morpho connectivity.



The STM32WBA55G-DK1 enables a wide range of applications through low-power communication and the Bluetooth® SIG isochronous channel feature, which relates to audio capabilities such as Unicast and Auracast.

STM32 Explore | Webinar

Learn more about the STM32WBA55's multiprotocol capabilities, low-power consumption, and advanced security features.