Whitepaper | On-board chargers in electric vehicles : how to address key design challenges

Alongside the electric motor, battery, and traction inverter, the OBC is one of the most critical aspects of an EV’s design and its performance. Huge battery capacity and highly efficient traction inverters cannot compensate for an under-dimensioned OBC that requires many additional hours to add just a hundred kilometers of range to the vehicle.


In this whitepaper, discover how we can help you move your OBC design to a higher power class and provide the BEV or PHEV owner with an improved EV experience through shorter charging times.    

With our broad palette of automotive-grade silicon and SiC devices for each stage of the power-conversion chain, you can truly consider us as the optimal partner for your OBC designs. 

WBG power devices, such as SiC STPOWER MOSFETs and Schottky diodes as well as PowerGaN transistors, are making the life of automotive designers easier thanks to the highly efficient, low heat dissipation power converters they enable.

Silicon STPOWER MOSFETs and IGBTs will continue to play a significant role in OBC designs, with the latest advancements in technology providing robust solutions with ultra-low R DS(on). Innovative packages also help developers find optimal solutions to deal with any heat that is generated, despite the high levels of efficiency they offer.