ST @ SIDO 2021
Lyon, September 22-23
Paris, November 9-10
Designing integrated solutions for AI, connectivity and security
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ST welcomed 12 Authorized Partners on our booth to showcase integrated solutions. See for yourself in our Paris booth tour!
Now that the SIDO events are over, you can access our exclusive content on demand.
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  • SIDO Paris: "Control and operation: the shift towards hyper-aware smart buildings" (in French)
ST speaker: Claude MORANT, ST Group Vice President Quality & Manufacturing Excellence
  • SIDO Paris: "Discover the IoT Continuum, a unique offer to help you succeed in all your IIoT projects" (in French)
ST speaker: Pierre-Yves BERGER, Strategic Business Development Director, EMEA Region
  • SIDO Lyon: "Cloud, Edge, Edge AI or NanoEdge, what's the winning combination?" (in French)
ST speaker: Raphael APFELDORFER, ST Strategic Marketing Manager for AI solutions
  • SIDO Lyon: "Towards sovereign European electronics industries" (in French)
ST speaker: Frédérique LE GREVES, President & CEO ST France and Executive Vice President, France Public Affairs
Thanks to all Authorized Partners present on our booth
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