Fully integrated microstepping motor driver with motion engine and SPI

The L6470 device, realized in analog mixed signal technology, is an advanced fully integrated solution suitable for driving two-phase bipolar stepper motors with microstepping. It integrates a dual low RDS(on)DMOS full bridge with all of the power switches equipped with an accurate on-chip current sensing circuitry suitable for non-dissipative current control and overcurrent protection. Thanks to a unique control system, a true 1/128 steps resolution is achieved. The digital control core can generate user defined motion profiles with acceleration, deceleration, speed or target position, easily programmed through a dedicated registers set. All commands and data registers, including those used to set analogue values (i.e. current control value, current protection trip point, deadtime, PWM frequency, etc.) are sent through a standard 5-Mbit/s SPI. A very rich set of protections (thermal, low bus voltage, overcurrent, motor stall) allows the design of a fully protected application, as required by the most demanding motor control applications.

Key Features

  • Operating voltage: 8 - 45 V
  • 7.0 A out peak current (3.0 A r.m.s. )
  • Low RDS(on) Power MOSFETs
  • Programmable speed profile and positioning
  • Programmable power MOS slew rate
  • Up to 1/128 microstepping
  • Sensorless stall detection
  • SPI interface
  • Low quiescent and standby currents
  • Programmable non-dissipative overcurrent protection on high and low-side
  • Two-levels of overtemperature protection


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Description バージョン サイズ
Fully integrated microstepping motor driver with motion engine and SPI 7.0 1 MB
Description バージョン サイズ
How to drive multiple stepper motors with the L6470 motor driver 2.1 580 KB
L6470 and L6472: fully integrated stepper motor drivers 2.0 413 KB
L647x, L648x and powerSTEP01 family communication protocol 2.1 486 KB
STM32 firmware library for dSPIN L6470 1.1 787 KB
Voltage mode control operation and parameter optimization 4.0 1 MB
Description バージョン サイズ
EVAL6470H, EVAL6470PD, EVAL6472H and EVAL6472PD: fully integrated microstepping motor drivers 2.0 5 MB
EVAL6470H-DISC: fully integrated stepper motor driver based on the L6470 and STM32™ 2.0 1 MB
SPINFamily evaluation tool 2.0 2 MB
Design Notes & Tips
Description バージョン サイズ
A Guide to understanding L6470, L6480, and powerSTEP01 output voltage levels 1.0 174 KB
Maintaining message synchronization with L647x, L648x, and PowerStep01 devices 1.1 163 KB
Planning for easy troubleshooting with your L647x, L648x, or PowerStep01 design 2.0 172 KB

プレゼンテーション & トレーニング資料

Description バージョン サイズ
An introduction to electric motors 1.0 2 MB
STM32F1xx motor-control firmware for dSPIN - quick guide 2.3 193 KB
STSPIN L6470 and L6472 product presentation 1.0 1 MB
STSPIN logic core basics 1.0 1 MB
STSPIN motor drivers - Voltage mode stepper motor control 1.0 835 KB
dSPIN Future in motion - L6470 presentation 3.1 2 MB

Publications and Collaterals

Description バージョン サイズ
STSPIN Discovery: Smoothness and precision was never so easy 1.0 1 MB
Description バージョン サイズ
STSPIN motor drivers 11.2017 377 KB
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Motor Control Reference Guide 15.10 1 MB
Products and Solutions for Factory Automation and Control 2.0 3 MB

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Software Development Tools
STM32 Open Development Environment
Motor Control IC Software
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L6470HTR Active 1000 2.671 HTSSOP28 Tape And Reel -40 150 NEC EAR99 MALAYSIA MORE INFO サンプル入手 買い物かごに追加 DISTRIBUTOR AVAILABILITY
L6470PDTR Active 1000 3.093 PowerSO 36 Tape And Reel -40 150 NEC EAR99 ITALY MORE INFO サンプル入手 買い物かごに追加 DISTRIBUTOR AVAILABILITY
L6470PD Active 1000 3.093 PowerSO 36 Tube -40 150 NEC EAR99 ITALY MORE INFO DISTRIBUTOR AVAILABILITY

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L6470HTR アクティブHTSSOP28IndustrialEcopack2 0 0
L6470PDTR アクティブPowerSO 36IndustrialEcopack1 (*) 0 0
L6470PD アクティブPowerSO 36IndustrialEcopack1 (*) 0 0
L6470H アクティブHTSSOP28IndustrialEcopack2 0 0

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