High-voltage MDmesh M9/DM9 power MOSFETs boost efficiency in servers, telecommunications, EV charging and solar applications




The 650V/600V STPOWER MDmesh™ M9 and DM9 series provide the best FOM RDS(on)*Qg currently available in the market. This results in an increased power density and more compact system solutions getting this result in two ways, providing:
- a smaller RDS(on) coupled with lower Qg in a fixed package vs previous technologies, 
- or the same RDS(on) coupled with lower Qg in a smaller package vs previous technologies.

These 600/650V devices are ideal for switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) in applications from data-center servers and 5G power stations to renewable energy and EV charging systems, all of which actively demand higher power density in more compact and efficient systems with improved thermal capabilities. The even lower drain-source on-resistance and improved gate charge mean that the MDmesh M9/DM9 series MOSFETs in surface mounted TO-LL and PowerFLAT packages are among the highest performing silicon devices available for high-power-density applications like resonant converters, and the DM9 series with fast intrinsic diode improves ruggedness and reliability against fast voltage transients.


Key features and benefits

Best figure of merit (RDS(on) x Qg) on the market


Specific to MDmesh M9 series

  • Lowest Qg
  • Higher reverse diode dv/dt and MOSFET dv/dt ruggedness
  • Higher power levels
  • Increased power density and lower conduction losses
  • High efficiency and low switching power losses
  • High switching speed
  • Increased robustness and reliability for more compact design


Specific to MDmesh DM9 series

  • Improved intrinsic diode reverse recovery time (trr)
  • Higher dv/dt (120 V/ns) and di/dt capability (1300 A/µs)
  • Optimized body diode recovery phase and softness
  • Isolation rating of 2500 Vrms/min



Key applications


Specific to M9 series:
Fast chargers Fast chargers
Both tailored for:
Solar inverters and microinverters Solar inverters and microinverters
Server Server
Telecom data centers Telecom data centers
Solar inverters and microinverters 5G power station
Specific to DM9 series:
EV charging stations EV charging stations


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