The ACEPACK™ SMIT package features a Direct Bond Copper (DBC) metal-isolation-metal substrate placed on the top side of the package to improve thermal coupling with heatsinks. This frees the circuit board PCB of silicon dissipation to allow lower temperature operation and higher design flexibility.

With its low electrical parasitic inductance and low thermal resistance, the package delivers a flexible internal DBC design that enables various electrical circuit solutions from single switch to multi-die topologies in the 1 to 50kW power range. Its molding compound offers outstanding resistance to moisture and heat for automotive and industrial applications. 

The ACEPACK SMIT can house different power semiconductors including, silicon IGBTs, MOSFETs, diodes, Thyristors and silicon carbide (SiC) devices, with UL 1557 recognition for Viso ≥ 3.4kVrms. 

The first ST IGBT housed in the new ACEPACK SMIT is the STGSB200M65DF2AG, ideal for automotive applications such as hybrid/EV engine traction inverters and EV charging stations, followed by the AC-DC module embedding thyristor and diodes STTD6050H-12M2Y and the STTH60RQ06-M2Y fast rectifier module.