Automotive-grade IGBT in ACEPACK SMIT package with half-bridge topology

650 V, 80 A, high-speed IGBT with freewheeling diode

stgsh80hb65dag cpn

Enhanced electrical and thermal efficiency for more compact and reliable OBC systems

Specifically designed to maximize efficiency in resonant and soft-switching applications, the STGSH80HB65DAG combines IGBTs and diodes in a half-bridge topology, housed in a single package. The device features 650V trench field-stop IGBTs, optimized for soft commutation, and low-drop freewheeling diodes assembled in an isolated surface-mount (SMD) package with top-side cooling for excellent thermal performance thanks to a DBC substrate.

Key features

  • AQG 324 qualified
  • Maximum junction temperature: 175 °C
  • VCE(sat) = 1.7V (typ.) @ IC = 80A
  • Minimized tail current
  • Tight parameter distribution
  • Low thermal resistance thanks to DBC layer
  • Positive temperature VCE(sat) coefficient
  • Soft and very fast recovery antiparallel diode
  • Isolation rating of 3.4 kVrms/min

Application examples

EV Charging Station

On Board Charger

DC/DC Converter

Recommended resources

Mounting guidelines for ACEPACK SMIT module packages

Mounting guidelines for ACEPACK SMIT module packages

Application note

This application note provides guidelines for mounting, handling, and soldering ACEPACK SMIT module packages. It also provides thermal considerations linked to heatsink types and assembly methods.