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Smarter mobility solutions
Charge Cars and their '67, A Legend Reborn
An iconic vintage muscle car transformed into an electric stallion with 400 kW peak power.
Smart Power Distribution with STi2Fuse
It’s time for cars and trucks to drop the fuse box in favor of the smart fuse box, a lighter, smaller, and simpler alternative.
Power, automation and infrastructure
The Mobilize Powerbox from the Software République
An EV charger that gives as much as it takes. The Mobile Powerbox not only charges EVs but can power a household with the energy stored in the car’s battery.
Alpitronic EV charger & ST SiC power modules
Despite its small size, the Wallbox has dual charging capabilities for a total power of 50 kW, a 97% efficiency thanks to SiC devices, and vehicle-to-grid capabilities.
AI & cloud
Machine Learning at the Edge with NanoEdge™ AI Studio
Create a machine learning algorithm and run it on an STM32 thanks to the Proteus sensor kit and NanoEdge AI Studio.
Decision making in the Edge with ST's ISPU
For the first time in the industry, a sensor can perform a sensor fusion operation thanks to its ISPU.
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