STMicroelectronics is focused on improving lives by providing enabling technology for an expanding list of healthcare and wellness applications in the fields of:-

  •  Clinical Diagnostic and Therapy
  •  Medical Imaging
  •  Portable and Telehealth

Thanks to ST’s range of optimized process technologies providing capability we are able to design semiconductor devices with best-fit characteristics, and to provide the highest in quality and reliability.   In addition, our strong involvement in government-funded programs, the Continua Health Alliance, and our collaboration with international universities and leading global healthcare companies has provided us with strong partnerships for further engagement.
We address the healthcare market with a broad portfolio of standard devices, taking advantage of our high-voltage and low power capabilities where applicable, such as:-

  •  Sensors and Motion MEMs (micro-electromechanical systems)
  •  Dedicated front ends and drivers for various technologies of scanner
  •  Communications ICs and Modules
  •  Microcontrollers (Low Power, High-Performance, 8- and 32-bit)
  •  Analog, Digital and Mixed-signal ICs
  •  Discrete devices
  •  Power Management
  •  Memories

In addition to these, ST offers our customers application-specific standard and custom devices and access to our leading-edge silicon processes and package technologies for customer-designed products to give added performance and value to the end product.