PC software source code example for DEMO-CR95HF-A board (AN3954)

The STSW-95HF002 software package contains source code examples to create a PC based application (Windows) to control the RF transceiver board included in the M24LR-DISCOVERY evaluation kit.

Several functions have been developed to control the RF transceiver using either Visual Basic 6 or C/C++ language.

With this sample code, the user will be able to develop his own application to control the CR95HF and communicate with any RF tag.

Key Features

  • The RF transceiver board is an RFID reader demonstration board and is composed, among other parts, of a CR95HF (13.56 MHzmulti-protocol contactless transceiver IC with SPI and UART serial access) and a STM32 microcontroller
  • The PC source code example shows how to control the CR95HF embedded in the RF transceiver board through the USB
  • The software supports four RF protocols
    • ISO15693
    • ISO14443-A
    • ISO14443-B
    • ISO18092
  • Able to read and write NDEF messages in any ST RF product
  • Sample application to transmit NDEF message to a NFC device
  • Driver included through a specific Dll


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
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DB2706 DB2706: Visual Basic 6 or C/C++ application to control the CR95HF evaluation kit 1.0 126 KB
Application Notes
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AN3954 AN3954: Developing your own Visual Basic or C/C++ application on a CR95HF demonstration board 4.0 650 KB


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