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TL - High Frequency Ballast - Analog Solution

The full analog control solution is based on a PFC controller and a ballast controller,ranging from a high voltage half bridge driver with built in oscillator, through ICs that offers preheat and dimming functionalities, to the one-chip solution that integrates the PFC and the half bridge controls, greatly reducing design time and complexity, lowering costs and providing a flexible solution. High programmability and a wide range of protection features help customers design cost-effective and reliable applications.

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Application Notes

Description Version Size
AN2708: 2X36 W digital dimmable ballast with L6574 and ST7FDALI
1.3 1,489 KB
AN2870: L6585DE combo IC
1.1 1,680 KB
AN2982: 1 x 54 W T5 fluorescent lamp ballast in wide input voltage range using the L6585DE - STEVAL-ILB005V2
1.1 1,720 KB
AN3040: STEVAL-ILB008V1 4 x 18 W/T8 ballast driven by L6585DE
2.1 692 KB
AN4213: High-frequency ballast 2x58 W (T8 fluorescent tubes) based on a PowerFLATâ„¢ 5x6 package
2.0 6,064 KB
AN4363: How to select the Triac, ACS, or ACST that fits your application
2.0 363 KB
AN4606: Inrush-current limiter circuits (ICL) with Triacs and Thyristors (SCR) and controlled bridge design tips
1.0 1,245 KB
AN991: L6569 - L6561 lighting application with PFC
5.3 42 KB
AN993: Electronic ballast with PFC using L6574 and L6561
10.3 1,402 KB