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The STM32F303 product lines build on the STM32F302 devices but add more than 40% processing performance due to a special memory architecture.
These product lines embed the largest set of analog peripherals.

They feature 8 Kbytes of SRAM mapped to the instruction bus as core coupled memory (CCM-SRAM). Critical routines loaded in the 8-Kbyte CCM at startup can be completed at full speed with zero wait states, achieving 90 Dhrystone MIPS at 72 MHz. This compares with 63 DMIPS when executing from Flash or SRAM, equivalent to a 43% performance increase for critical routines.

Pin compatible with the corresponding STM32 F1 devices and sharing the same API, they give access to the powerful FPU instruction set of the ARM Cortex-M4 core, and feature an enhanced set of peripherals including comparators, PGAs, DACs and high-speed ADCs. General-purpose applications such as motor control, power conversion and lighting will benefit from the better performances, giving a BOM reduction and leading to higher competitiveness of the end application

Features include:

  • Fast comparators (50 ns)
  • Programmable gain amplifiers (4 gain ranges)
  • 12-bit DACs
  • Fast 12-bit ADCs (5 MSPS per channel with up to 18 MSPS in interleaved mode)
  • Fast 144 MHz motor control timers , timing resolution better 7 ns
  • USB and CAN

The STM32F303 operates from 2.0 to 3.6 V. 

In Q2/2014 the STM32F358, an 1.8V variant of the STM32F303, will be available. This voltage range allows for easy integration in mobile applications as well as savings in power consumption, when an external regulator is used.

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