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Low Power Comparators

ST offers the most efficient low-power comparators on the market,  consuming as little as 220 nA per channel, in a variety of space-saving packages such as SOT-23 and SC-70, without sacrificing speed or precision.

These attributes allow application designers to extend battery life without loss of performance,  in applications where board space is at a premium.

TS33 voltage comparator

The TS33 line consumes one third the current for the same response time, compared with currently available devices such as the LMV331. ST’s latest voltage comparator addresses the demand for greater power efficiency and longer battery life in today’s portable electronics applications, in keeping with the Company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. Available in single, dual and quad versions in space-saving SMD packages, ST’s ultra-low-power general-purpose voltage comparator targets signal-conditioning applications in mobile communications, battery-operated portable electronics, and alarm and security systems.

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