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High Side Switches

High-side switches, with their additional integrated features, are power switches that can switch high currents into grounded loads safely and in compliance with the harsh automotive environment.

ST offers a wide range of fully-protected, smart high-side switches based on VIPower (vertical intelligent power) technology. This proprietary technology allows integration of complete digital and analog control and protection circuits driving a vertical structure power MOSFET, all on the same chip.

High-side switches are compatible with 3 V and 5 V CMOS outputs, and incorporate a diagnostic output status to the microcontroller. They can easily drive both inductive and resistive loads. For full protection of the application, these devices have built-in:

  • Over-temperature protection
  • Open-load detection for both on and off states
  • Shorted-load protection
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage shutdown
  • Protection, against loss of ground and loss of Vcc
  • Low standby power dissipation
  • Vbat and Tchip monitoring
  • Programmable latch-off

They are designed to work from -40 to +150°C. ST's high-side switch product portfolio includes single, dual and quad drivers with digital or analog status and on-resistance values ranging from 4 mΩ to 500 mΩ. Different packages are available for this product family. They are used in many power applications in automotive body electronics such as junction boxes, interior lighting and motor control.

Next-generation VIPower M0-7 intelligent high-side switches

ST's new family of VIPower M0-7 intelligent power switches provide enhanced intelligent features, improve protection and reliability, and are up to 40% smaller than competing alternatives. Pioneered by ST, intelligent high-side switches provide a more reliable and efficient replacement for conventional relays.

The VIPower family has offered advantages such as a common package style for many devices in the range. This allows tier-one suppliers to build several module variants using the same basic hardware and software so car makers can address differing requirements in international markets and offer various model specifications and options cost-effectively. The common-package approach has become widely adopted among high-side switch vendors.

In the VIPower M0-7 series, 75% of family members are available in a 5 x 4 mm package, which is 40% smaller than the smallest competing devices. This allows car electronics designers to save pc-board space and aim for smaller module sizes. Moreover, various internal design changes increase precision, enhance diagnostic feedback, and improve reliability.

Specifically, performance improvements include greater protection against short circuits, more accurate voltage and temperature feedback, increased current-sense precision, and best-in-class electromagnetic emission (EMI) performance.
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