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Power Line Transceivers

ST offers flexible, scalable and future-proof power-line communication system-on-chip platforms to effectively address demanding smart-metering and smart-grid application requirements and related communication standards. Integrating the analog front-end (AFE) and power-line driver in a single package, ST’s power-line transceivers reduce development costs and time.

ST’s PLC portfolio ranges from highly cost-effective and simple FSK transceivers, such as the ST7540 and ST7538Q, to the most advanced and integrated STarGRID® SoC platforms (ST7570, ST7580, ST7590), which provide high performance and multiple turnkey protocol implementations.

ST is actively committed in all major PLC standard definition organizations and industrial alliances and projects defining open communication protocol standards for smart grid applications, including OPEN meter project, Meters and More Association, PRIME Alliance, PLC-G3 Alliance, HomePlug Alliance and several other working groups inside the IEEE, ITU and IEC organizations).

Powerline transceivers
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