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Freeman Premier integrated 120 Hz FRC with 3DTV support H.264 iDTV SoC
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The Freeman Premier series of ICs are revolutionary new iDTV SoCs that integrate two highly successful, market-proven subsystems: STi710x digital/front-end processing and multi-format audio/video decoding from the STB market, and Faroudja video/back-end processing from the TV market. The Premier series are high-performance, state-of-the-art SoCs that can power DTT/cable/satellite/IPTV iDTV designs for worldwide deployment. From the software compatibility extending from the mature STi710x STAPI layer to the extensive video processing, tuning, and tools from Faroudja Labs, Freeman Premier are ideal solutions for addressing the next generation of iDTV design requirements.

The Freeman Premier family of ICs are the latest in a family of scalable performance and software-compatible H.264 SoCs that address mainstream and performance segments of the iDTV market. Notably, they are single-chip, 120 Hz TV solutions incorporating Motion-Corrected Temporal Interpolation (MCTi) Faroudja technology. They utilize industry-leading vector estimation to interpolate in-between frames to correct film motion judder and panel motion blurring. Combining the artistic elements of film with the linear motion of video, Premier provides audiences with a uniquely enjoyable viewing experience.

Freeman Premier implements the latest generation of Faroudja Video Optimized technologies, which allow a high degree of customization for TV OEMs. Key technology improvements in this area include 14-bit color and contrast processing, upgraded sharpness, upgraded temporal noise reduction, and new MPEG noise reduction. Furthermore, the Freeman Premier ICs support all connectivity requirements to 3D sources and all mandatory 3D formats defined in the HDMI 1.4b specification.

With their high performance CPU, A/V decode, graphics engine, motion judder reduction and motion blur removal features, and extensive network interface capability, Freeman Premier enables 3DTVs to deliver rich applications for convenient access to multimedia content, both from within the home, as well as from the web.

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • ST231 @ 450 MHz for advanced high definition video decoding (H.264/VC-1/MPEG2/…) --> Worldwide Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) broadcast video standards compatibility
  • Dual ST231 @ 450 MHz for advanced multi-channel audio decoding (MPEG-1/2, MP3, WMA, Dolby® Digital/Dolby Digital+, AAC/AAC+/…) --> Worldwide DTT broadcast audio standards compatibility
  • Dual ST40 CPU @ 450 MHz (delivers 1600 DMIPS) runs Linux and OS21 --> One CPU (800 DMIPS) fully dedicated to application and user interface
  • Faroudja® video processing for Main Video --> Vivid picture quality for the consumer
  • Full support for HDMI 1.4b mandatory 3DTV input formats
  • Faroudja® MCTi™ Frame Rate Conversion (FRC) for 2D content (film and video)
  • FLI7515 3DTV support through enhancement IC
  • FLI7525 standalone 3DTV support 60L60R (frame-sequential) and 120 Hz (line-interleaved)
  • FLI7525 includes 3D format converter
  • FLI7525 supports MCTi FRC for 3D content
  • FLI7525 integrates auto 2D to 3D video/text conversion and depth control
  • Worldwide analog audio demodulator
  • 14-bit Advanced Color Management (3D) and Contrast processing --> Ultimate video quality for OEMs and consumers
  • High-quality graphics for rich, easy-to-use GUI
  • Advanced security features supporting embedded CA as well as CI/CI+ and DRM applications--> Copy protection support, including HDCP, AES/DES/TDES, Rovi™
  • 48-bit (3x16 or 1x16+1x32) DDR2/DDR3 1066 Mbps DRAM I/F --> Performance and flexibility with DRAM ICs
  • Quad high-speed 10-bit LVDS outputs --> Convenient connectivity to panel TCON
  • Board Support Package (BSP) API accelerates time to market

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DB1087: Freeman Premier - H.264 iDTV SoC integrated 120 Hz FRC with 3DTV support
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Faroudja Video Optimized calibration program
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