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Plug-in HEV (Battery Charger) EVCS

Plug-in HEV or pure EV use an on board battery charger to feed the high voltage battery, thus a new converter is now necessary inside the car. This converter might have different specification in terms of power level, input voltage and output voltage, but it generally includes a PFC section + a DC/DC section. The below diagram describe the two stages and components that might be used

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Application Notes

Description Version Size
AN4338: EVLSTNRG-170W: 170 W SMPS with digitally controlled PFC and resonant LLC stage based on the STNRG388A
1.0 3,415 KB
AN4689: EVLSTNRG-1KW: 1 kW SMPS digitally controlled multiphase interleaved converter using the STNRG388A
1.1 5,460 KB
AN4732: STCOMET smart meter and power line communication system-on-chip development kit
2.0 2,584 KB

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Description Version Size
Process, Packaging Combine To Advance High-Voltage Power MOSFETs
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