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SPEAr Embedded Microprocessors

ST’s SPEAr  family of embedded MPUs offer high levels of computation power for complex, networked  communication, display and control applications, using state-of-the-art architecture, silicon technology and intellectual property.

SPEAr eMPUs are highly integrated solutions based on 32-bit ARM® ARM926EJ-S or Cortex™-A9 cores, capable of running Linux and/or Android operating systems.

SPEAr as a customizable processor

For some applications, it can make good business sense to create a customized version of a SPEAr microprocessor.   ST caters to this need, offering customers the ability to create dedicated products with 300 Kgates, 600 Kgates or 1300 Kgates of customized logic blocks.

SPEAr embedded microprocessors
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