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STM32 MCU Discovery Kits

STM32 Discovery kits are a cheap and complete solution for the evaluation of the outstanding capabilities of STM32 MCUs. They carry the necessary infrastructure for demonstration of specific device characteristics, a HAL library and comprehensive software examples allow to fully benefit from the devices features and added values.  

Extension connectors give access to most of the device’s I/Os and make the connection of add-on hardware possible.

With the integrated debugger/programmer the discovery kits are ideal for prototyping.

Develop advanced Internet of Things applications with a richer graphic user interface

Based on ST's high-performance STM32F469 microcontroller, the world's first MCU to embed an MIPI display serial interface, the STM32F469 Discovery kit (order code: STM32F469I-DISCO) is fully supported by ARM® mbed™ and enables easy and fast development of smarter IoT applications. Leveraging the STM32F469's embedded Chrom-ART accelerator™, the discovery kit comes with a high pixel density MIPI-DSI WVGA color touchscreen allowing rich graphic user interface design. Additional features include large Flash and SDRAM memory extensions, audio codec, audio stereo jack, 3 MEMS microphones and microSD connector. The discovery kit also offers Arduino connectors, making it easy to expand its functionality.
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