STPOWER ACEPACK DMT-32 power modules based on SiC MOSFET Gen2 and Gen3 technology

Combining the intrinsic features of silicon carbide technology with an optimized, compact design, the ACEPACK DMT-32 ensures a flexible layout able to implement different topologies making it an ideal choice for HEV/EV OBC, DC/DC, fluid pumps and air conditioning applications.

ACEPACK DMT-32 is the ST dual in-line, molded, through-hole, 32-pin power module tailored for BEV/HEV automotive applications and suitable also for the industrial segment. The very high power density of the new ACEPACK modules minimizes system room occupation in addition to the superior characteristics in terms of electrical characteristics and thermal behavior of our SiC Power MOSFET technology which guarantees low R DS(on) and limited switching losses.

The Power Modules offer optimal thermal performance thanks to the DBC technology, based on aluminum nitride, ensuring higher thermal conductivity, and guarantying a very low thermal resistance as well as a high electrical insulation. Moreover, thanks to the operative junction temperature, up to 175°C, a greater power dissipation can be achieved.

The wide product portfolio covers several converter topologies with 1200V SiC MOSFET-based: fourpack, sixpack, and totem pole. ACEPACK DMT-32 power modules target different subfunctions in a power range of 4 to 22 kW. 

The first ACEPACK DMT-32 product introduced today is M1F45M12W2-1LA, automotive-grade Power Module, fourpack topology, 1200 V, 47.5 mOhm typ. SiC power MOSFET with NTC.

Key features

  • 1200 V breakdown voltage
  • SiC MOSFET Gen2 and Gen3 based
  • Automotive grade AQG-324 qualified
  • Cost-effective solution with a reduced time to market
  • Dedicated chipset solution according to application based on SiC MOSFET power switches
  • Designed to implement different topologies
  • High reliability and robustness
  • Very high-power density and efficiency requirements thanks to state-of-the-art ST of chip technology
  • Low RDS(on)
  • Optimal thermal performance thanks to AlN insulated substrate
  • CTI>600V
  • High clearance and creepage thanks to grooves on power module
  • Different pinout options: dual-in-line and staggered pinout (soon available)
  • Integrated NTC sensor

Application examples

On Board Charger (OBC)

Fluid pumps, HVAC and climate control


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ACEPACK DMT-32: SiC-based molded module for on-board chargers and DC/DC converters

ACEPACK DMT-32 combines the intrinsic features of Gen 2 and Gen3 silicon carbide technology with an optimized, compact design. Available with different pinout configurations, it ensures a flexible layout which allows designers to implement different topologies, making it an ideal choice for HEV/EV OBC, DC/DC, fluid pumps and air conditioning applications.

Flexible and compact power module for OBC and DC-DC converters

The ACEPACK DMT-32 dual in-line, molded, through-hole power module is an all-in-one solution that is suitable for application in different stages of on-board chargers and auxiliary DC-DC converters in electric and hybrid electric vehicles.





Mounting instruction for STPOWER module ACEPACK DMT-32
Technical note

This mounting instructions paper gives the main recommendations to appropriately handle, assemble and rework the ACEPACK DMT-32 power module. It is necessary to follow some basic assembly rules either to limit thermal and mechanical stresses or assure the best thermal conduction and electrical insulation.

STMicroelectronics’ dual-inline silicon-carbide power modules offer versatile package configurations for automotive applications
Press announcement

STMicroelectronics has released the ACEPACK DMT-32 family of silicon carbide (SiC) power modules in a convenient 32-pin, dual-inline, molded, through-hole package for automotive applications. Targeted at systems such as on-board chargers (OBC), DC/DC converters, fluid pumps and air conditioning, they deliver advantages including high power density, very compact design, and simplified assembly.