Low level drivers, hardware abstraction layers, and middleware like RTOS, USB stacks, graphic stacks, are indispensable bricks for a fast and efficient application development.

For the STM32, ST proposes a large range of embedded software components including  

  • Audio (MP3, WMA, Voice, ...)
  • Connectivity (USB, TCP/IP, Bluetooth, Zigbee RF4CE, ...)
  • Graphical Interfaces
  • Cryptography (Free STM32 Library with public key, symetric and hash algorithms),
  • Motor Control and Safety (IEC 61508 SIL for industrial, 60335/60730 Class B for Home Appliance)

These components are either developed by ST or supplied, ST's partner network or stem from open source initiatives. 

WIth the STM32Cube ST follows a new route for embedded software by integrating low level and middleware software in one library and by supplying a configuration tool, capable of generating initialization code for the application. 

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