Proximity sensor, gesture and ambient light sensing (ALS) module

The VL6180X is the latest product based on ST’s patented FlightSensetechnology. This is a ground-breaking technology allowing absolute distance to be measured independent of target reflectance. Instead of estimating the distance by measuring the amount of light reflected back from the object (which is significantly influenced by color and surface), the VL6180X precisely measures the time the light takes to travel to the nearest object and reflect back to the sensor (Time-of-Flight).

Combining an IR emitter, a range sensor and an ambient light sensor in a three-in-one ready-to-use reflowable package, the VL6180X is easy to integrate and saves the end-product maker long and costly optical and mechanical design optimizations.

The module is designed for low power operation. Ranging and ALS measurements can be automatically performed at user defined intervals. Multiple threshold and interrupt schemes are supported to minimize host operations.

Host control and result reading is performed using an I2C interface. Optional additional functions, such as measurement ready and threshold interrupts, are provided by two programmable GPIO pins.

Key Features

  • Three-in-one smart optical module
    • Proximity sensor
    • Ambient Light Sensor
    • VCSEL light source
  • Fast, accurate distance ranging
    • Measures absolute range from 0 to above 10 cm (ranging beyond 10cm is dependent on conditions)
    • Independent of object reflectance
    • Ambient light rejection
    • Cross-talk compensation for cover glass
  • Gesture recognition
    • Distance and signal level can be used by host system to implement gesture recognition
    • Demo system available: P-NUCLEO-6180X1 evaluation board
  • Ambient light sensor
    • High dynamic range
    • Accurate/sensitive in ultra-low light
    • Calibrated output value in lux
  • Easy integration
    • Single reflowable component
    • No additional optics
    • Single power supply
    • I2 C interface for device control and data
    • Provided with a documented C portable API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Two programmable GPIO
    • Window and thresholding functions for both ranging and ALS




Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DS10285 DS10285: Proximity and ambient light sensing (ALS) module 7.0 1 MB
Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN4478 AN4478: Using multiple VL6180X's in a single design 2.0 257 KB
AN4545 AN4545: VL6180X basic ranging application note 1.0 689 KB
AN4626 AN4626: VL6180X distance measurements versus -30 / +85°C extended temperature range 1.0 145 KB
User Manuals
Description Version Size
UM1983 UM1983: VL6180X proximity, gesture and ambient light sensing (ALS) module 1.0 1 MB
Design Notes & Tips
Description Version Size
DT0030 DT0030: VL6180X ambient light sensing 1.0 296 KB
DT0032 DT0032: VL6180X cross talk compensation implementation 1.0 421 KB
DT0034 DT0034: VL6180X early convergence estimate implementation 1.0 294 KB
DT0017 DT0017: VL6180X interleaved mode explanation 1.0 377 KB
DT0035 DT0035: VL6180X low power features 1.0 328 KB
DT0037 DT0037: VL6180X range and ambient light sensor quick setup guide 1.0 376 KB
DT0020 DT0020: VL6180X range status error codes explanation 1.0 354 KB
DT0031 DT0031: VL6180X understanding the premium EVK 1.0 912 KB
DT0038 DT0038: VL6180X – Automatic VHV repeat rate implementation 1.0 254 KB

Presentations & Training Material

Description Version Size
Optical Sensing: 1D to 3D using Time-of-Flight Technology 1.0 2 MB
VL6180X API Integration Guide 1 MB
X-NUCLEO-6180XA1 Quick start guide 3.0.0 1 MB

Publications and Collaterals

Description Version Size
VL6180X: 3-in 1 time-of-flight module - proximity sensor, ALS and gesture 835 KB

Tools and Software

STM32 Open Development Environment
Embedded Software
Proximity Sensors Software
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VL6180XV0NR/1 ActiveOPTICAL LGA12 4.8X2.8X1MMIndustrialEcopack2 0 0

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