Low data rate, low power Sub 1GHz transceiver

The SPIRIT1 is a very low-power RF transceiver, intended for RF wireless applications in the sub-1 GHz band. It is designed to operate both in the license-free ISM and SRD frequency bands at 169, 315, 433, 868, and 915 MHz, but can also be programmed to operate at other additional frequencies in the 300-348 MHz, 387-470 MHz, and 779-956 MHz bands. The air data rate is programmable from 1 to 500 kbps, and the SPIRIT1 can be used in systems with channel spacing of 12.5/25 kHz, complying with the EN 300 220 standard. It uses a very small number of discrete external components and integrates a configurable baseband modem, which supports data management, modulation, and demodulation. The data management handles the data in the proprietary fully programmable packet format also allows the M-Bus standard compliance format (all performance classes).

However, the SPIRIT1 can perform cyclic redundancy checks on the data as well as FEC encoding/decoding on the packets. The SPIRIT1 provides an optional automatic acknowledgement, retransmission, and timeout protocol engine in order to reduce overall system costs by handling all the high-speed link layer operations.

Moreover, the SPIRIT1 supports an embedded CSMA/CA engine. An AES 128-bit encryption co-processor is available for secure data transfer. The SPIRIT1 fully supports antenna diversity with an integrated antenna switching control algorithm. The SPIRIT1 supports different modulation schemes: 2-FSK, GFSK, OOK, ASK, and MSK. Transmitted/received data bytes are buffered in two different three-level FIFOs (TX FIFO and RX FIFO), accessible via the SPI interface for host processing.

Key Features

  • Frequency bands: 150-174 MHz, 300-348 MHz, 387-470 MHz, 779-956 MHz
  • Modulation schemes: 2-FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, OOK, and ASK
  • Air data rate from 1 to 500 kbps
  • Very low power consumption (9 mA RX and 21 mA TX at +11 dBm)
  • Programmable RX digital filter from 1 kHz to 800 kHz
  • Programmable channel spacing (12.5 kHz min.)
  • Excellent performance of receiver sensitivity (-118 dBm), selectivity, and blocking
  • Programmable output power up to +16 dBm
  • Fast startup and frequency synthesizer settling time (6 μs)
  • Frequency offset compensation
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Battery indicator and low battery detector
  • RX and TX FIFO buffer (96 bytes each)
  • Configurability via SPI interface
  • Automatic acknowledgment, retransmission, and timeout protocol engine
  • AES 128-bit encryption co-processor
  • Antenna diversity algorithm
  • Fully integrated ultra low power RC oscillator
  • Wake-up on internal timer and wake-up on external event
  • Flexible packet length with dynamic payload length
  • Sync word detection
  • Address check
  • Automatic CRC handling
  • FEC with interleaving
  • Digital RSSI output
  • Programmable carrier sense (CS) indicator
  • Automatic clear channel assessment (CCA) before transmitting (for listen-before-talk systems). Embedded CSMA/CA protocol
  • Programmable preamble quality indicator (PQI)
  • Whitening and de-whitening of data
  • Wireless M-BUS, EN 300 220, FCC CFR47 15 (15.205, 15.209, 15.231, 15.247, 15.249), and ARIB STD T-67, T93, T-108 compliant
  • QFN20 4x4 mm RoHS package
  • Operating temperature range from -40 °C to 105 °C


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DS8870 DS8870: Low data rate, low power sub-1GHz transceiver 10.0 1 MB
Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN4190 AN4190: Antenna selection guidelines 1.1 1 MB
AN4395 AN4395: Autonomous wireless multi-sensor node powered by PV cells and based on SPV1050 (SPIDEr™) 1.0 2 MB
AN4193 AN4193: Low duty cycle operation with the SPIRIT1 transceiver 2.0 225 KB
AN4169 AN4169: PCB design guidelines for the SPIRIT1 transceiver 2.0 652 KB
AN4198 AN4198: SPIRIT1: increasing the output power 1.0 387 KB
AN4133 AN4133: Using the SPIRIT1 transceiver under ARIB STD-T108 in the 920 MHz band 1.1 1 MB
AN4148 AN4148: Using the SPIRIT1 transceiver under ARIB STD-T93 in the 315 MHz band 1.1 1 MB
AN4103 AN4103: Using the SPIRIT1 transceiver under EN 300 220 at 169 MHz 1.0 2 MB
AN4117 AN4117: Using the SPIRIT1 transceiver under EN 300 220 at 434 MHz 1.0 1 MB
AN4110 AN4110: Using the SPIRIT1 transceiver under EN 300 220 at 868 MHz 1.0 1 MB
AN4147 AN4147: Using the SPIRIT1 transceiver under FCC title 47 part 15 in the 315 MHz band 1.1 831 KB
AN4126 AN4126: Using the SPIRIT1 transceiver under FCC title 47 part 15 in the 902 – 928 MHz band 1.1 4 MB
AN4174 AN4174: Using the SPIRIT1 transceiver under the ARIB STD-T67 standard in the 426 MHz band 1.0 2 MB
AN4305 AN4305: Using the SPIRIT1 transceiver with range extender under EN 300 220 at 169 MHz 1.0 1 MB
AN4271 AN4271: Using the SPIRIT1 transceiver with range extender under EN 300 220 at 868 MHz 1.0 1 MB
AN4772 AN4772: wM-Bus (2013) firmware stack overview 1.0 786 KB
User Manuals
Description Version Size
UM2211 UM2211: BLE-Sub1GHz development kit 1.2 1 MB
UM1657 UM1657: SPIRIT1 development kit 3.0 1 MB
UM1960 UM1960: Sample wM-Bus 2013 application layer implementation for SPIRIT1 boards 1.0 1 MB
Errata Sheets
Description Version Size
ES0198 ES0198: SPIRIT1 device limitations 7.0 157 KB
Design Notes & Tips
Description Version Size
DT0067 DT0067: Running a simple 6LowPAN network consisting of one receiver node and one or more sensor nodes in a Sub-1GHz RF band 1.1 281 KB

Publications and Collaterals

Description Version Size
High-quality RF IPD baluns for ISM bands simplify RF complexity. 2.2 1 MB
Description Version Size
Wireless connectivity for IoT applications 2.0 2 MB

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