USB Type-C™ cable and connector specifications and USB Power Delivery protocol have been developed to extend the benefits of the USB interface. With a small and lean form-factor, the new USB Type-C™ connector is designed to:

  • offer reversible plug orientation and cable direction
  • deliver up to 100 W through USB Power Delivery profiles
  • support USB 3.1 with data rates up to 10 Gbit/s
  • enable other common data communication protocols (Alternate Modes, DisplayPort Video, HDMI, and Ethernet)

ST with an extensive technology and IPs portfolio, can provide a range of solutions for USB type-C and Power Delivery to support implementations in a variety of devices.

ICs and Discrete Tools & Software End Devices
A large selection of ICs and discrete to help design certified, cost effective and  low power USB type-C and Power Delivery solutions Extensive portfolio of evaluation tools, development and ready to use solutions to minimize time to market reducing design  and qualification efforts Discover how our USB type C and Power Delivery solutions can fit into your device design
• Interfaces • Evaluation Tools AC-DC Adapters
• Microcontrollers • Embedded Software Accessories
• Power Management • Reference Designs • Docking Stations
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