STM8S Mainstream series

ST’s STM8S series of mainstream 8-bit microcontrollers covers a large variety of applications in the industrial, consumer and computer markets, particularly where large volumes are concerned. Based on the STM8 proprietary core, the STM8S series benefits from ST's 130 nm technology and advanced core architecture performing up to 20 MIPS at 24 MHz. Embedded EEPROM, RC oscillators and a full set of standard peripherals provide a robust and reliable solution for designers.

The associated toolchain, from affordable Discovery kits to more complex evaluation kits and third-party tools, make it easy to develop with STM8S microcontrollers.

The STM8S series consists of four lines with differentiated features but full compatibility and upgradability to simplify future design changes.

  • The STM8S003/005/007 Value line is the entry-level series with a basic feature set.
  • The STM8S103/105 Access line offers more features and a larger variety of packages.
  • The STM8S207/208 Performance line features a full set of peripherals and provides performance for medium- to higher-end applications.
  • The STM8S Application specific line provides more analog features and dedicated firmware solutions.

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