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Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition

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STMicroelectronics Power  Electronics Showcase
Please join us to experience the industry’s broadest and most advanced product and technology portfolio in power electronics. ST industry experts are excited to participate in APEC 2013 and invite you to experience hands-on demonstrations of the latest technology and discuss how we can partner to help with your next innovative design.

Free Seminar
ST proudly presents a: Unique architecture for digital power control.
Presented by  Jianwen Shao, Tuesday March 19th,
2:15pm – 2:45pm, Meeting Room 103B

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Activities at the event

Digital Power Control  The new STLux385 combines a low cost microcontroller with a dedicated, event driven, state machine to provide a fully integrated solution for digital control of lighting and power conversion applications. Be sure to attend Tuesday’s seminar on this technology (see seminar information above) 
Intelligent Power Modules - Combine power IGBT and drivers in an integrated 3 phase motor driver to improve time-to-market and cost 
VRM Controllers –  Poly phase controllers for VRM applications improve transient response and load regulation 
Solar Microinverter  - Highly efficient solution with compliance of latest standards and regulations (Energy Star) 
High Voltage Power MOS and IGBT - The newest family of devices has the lowest RDSon in the industry 
Rectifiers  - High performance FERD and SiC rectifiers 
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