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N-Channel (40V to 150V)

ST’s MOSFETs with breakdown voltages in the >40 V to 150 V range offer low gate charge and low on-resistance down to 2.6 mΩ (60 V) in H2PAK-6 packages. They are optimized to meet a broad range of requirements for point-of-load (POL), synchronous rectification, UPS, motor control, automotive, LED lighting, inverter and power-over-Ethernet (POE) applications.

MOSFET features for this voltage rating include:

  • Very low RDS(on)
  • Wide package range including SMD PowerFLAT packages for compact designs and H2PAK packages for high power designs

These MOSFETs are available in miniature and high-power packages: DPAK, D2PAK, H2PAK, IPAK, I2PAK, I2PAKFP, ISOTOP, PowerSO10, SO-8, SOT-223, TO-220, TO-220FP, Max247, TO-247, and PowerFLAT (3.3x3.3; 5x6; 5x6 double island).

80 and 100 V STripFET VII DeepGATE MOSFETs

Their enhanced trench-gate structure provide ST’s series of 80 and 100 V STripFET VII DeepGATE MOSFETs with the industry’s lowest on-state resistance combined with reduced internal capacitances and gate charge for faster and more efficient switching. Their excellent figure of merit (FoM) and high avalanche ruggedness help simplify designs and reduce equipment size and cost while increasing reliability in applications such as telecom or computing systems, solar inverters, industrial automation and automotive applications.
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