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Buck Converter

Buck converters are mainly used in regulated DC power supplies. These converters produce a lower average output voltage than DC input voltage. The block diagram will help you make the right choice from a wide range of recommended products.

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AN4150: Power MOSFET technology gate current needs in a synchronous buck converter
1.0 1,382 KB
AN4209: Design methodology for repetitive voltage suppressors (RVS) in repetitive mode: STRVS
2.0 648 KB
AN4260: 12 V, 150 mA non-isolated buck converter using the VIPER06XS, from the VIPerâ„¢ plus family
4.0 3,580 KB
AN4273: STEVAL-ISA114V1: 5 V/0.8 W 30 kHz buck with the VIPer06XS
2.0 2,827 KB
AN4391: New P-channel trench technology from ST for low power DC-DC conversions and load switching applications
1.0 1,637 KB

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Power Management Relies on Packaging
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