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ST offers a wide range of non-volatile memories. The serial EEPROM family ranges from 1 Kbit to 2 Mbits and offers different serial interfaces: I²C, SPI, Microwire. The wide range of products are also automotive compliant, and very thin packages are available for applications where space is critical.

RF memory and transceiver products are based on the 13.56 MHz carrier frequency and support the ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 RFID standards. These products are also compatible with the NFC technology. ST offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios, which includes:

  • NFC/RFID transceivers
  • Dynamic NFC/RFID tags (also known as Dual Interface EEPROM)
  • Standalone RFID tags

NVRAMs are battery-backed SRAMs that range from 16 Kbits to 32 Mbits, housed in DIP packages, which include a battery, or surface-mount SOIC packages that allow for a SNAPHAT replaceable battery. Timekeeping and clock functions are also available.

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