STMicroelectronics is the world's #1 supplier of Serial EEPROM thanks to development of leading-edge technology, recognized product robustness and high manufacturing capacity. ST focuses on the availability of the complete portfolio with short lead times, high flexibility in volume and worldwide distribution through selected partners. ST's comprehensive portfolio offers reliable SPI, I2C and Microwire products in SO8N, TSSOP8, DFN2X3, DFN5, WLCSP and bare die packages.

By choosing ST's EEPROM, you benefit from the expertise of the #1 EEPROM supplier for more than 14 years (IHS Dec.2019) and experience the safest and most flexible management for operating parameters, setup/calibration data and small boot code storage.

Expand your design possibilities with the Page EEPROM series, a new Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technology from ST. Learn more.

standard eeprom


Competitive products with low voltage, low power and the smallest form factor.

  • -40°C; +85°C Industrial
  • -40°C; +105°C Industrial Plus
automotive eeprom


Robust and high performance products for high reliability applications.

  • -40°C; +125°C, AEC-Q Grade1
  • -40°C; +145°C, AEC-Q Grade0
spd eeprom


Serial Presence Detect for DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 DRAM modules.

  • -40°C; +95°C
  • JEDEC EE-1004


Prototype advanced data loggers with our new 4Mbit EEPROM Nucleo shield
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