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Digitally Controlled Dual PWM with Embedded Drivers for VR12
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The L6718 is a very compact, digitally controlled and cost effective dual controller designed to power Intel® VR12 processors. Dedicated pinstrapping is used to program the main parameters.

The device features from 2 to 4-phase programmable operation for the core section providing 2 embedded drivers. A single-phase with embedded driver and with independent control loop is used for GFX.

The L6718 supports power state transitions featuring VFDE and a programmable DPM, maintaining the best efficiency over all loading conditions without compromising transient response.

Second generation LTB Technologyallows a minimal cost output filter providing fast load transient response. The controller assures fast and independent protection against load overcurrent, under/overvoltage and feedback disconnections.

The device is available in VFQFPN56, 7x7 mm compact package with exposed pad.

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Key Features

  • VR12 compliant with 25 MHz SVID bus rev. 1.5
  • Second generation LTB Technology™
  • Very compact dual controller:
  • Up to 4 phases for core section with 2 internal drivers
  • 1 phase for GFX section with internal driver
  • Input voltage up to 12 V
  • SMBus interface for power management
  • SWAP, Jmode, multi-rail only support
  • Programmable offset voltage
  • Single NTC design for TM, LL and IMON thermal compensation (for each section)
  • VFDE for efficiency optimization
  • DPM - dynamic phase management
  • Dual differential remote sense
  • 0.5% output voltage accuracy
  • Full-differential current sense across DCR
  • AVP - adaptive voltage positioning
  • Programmable switching frequency
  • Dual current monitor
  • Pre-biased output management
  • High-current embedded drivers optimized for 7 V operation
  • OC, OV, UV and FB disconnection protection
  • Dual VR_READY
  • VFQFPN56 7x7 mm package with exposed pad

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