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ST’s analog and digital gyroscopes offer superior stability over time and temperature, with a resolution lower than 0.01 dps/√Hz for zero-rate level. This guarantees the level of accuracy required by the most advanced motion-based applications.

These 3-axis gyroscopes have a single sensing structure for motion measurement along all three orthogonal axes, while other solutions on the market rely on two or three independent structures. ST’s solution eliminates any interference between the axes that inherently degrades the output signal, increasing accuracy and reliability of motion-controlled functionalities.

ST’s gyros measure angular acceleration with a wide full-scale range (from 30 to 6000 dps) to meet the requirements of different applications, ranging from gesture recognition and image stabilization, to dead reckoning and personal navigation. ST’s angular rate sensors are already used in mobile phones, tablets, 3D pointers, game consoles, digital cameras and many other devices.


ST’s gyroscopes offer superior optical image stabilization

Optical image stabilization technology is already adopted in many smartphone cameras to minimize the effects of involuntary camera shake or vibration. This technology relies on gyroscopes to retrieve the information about angular displacement. ST’s white paper gives an overview on the spread of OIS technology in the handheld device market and its key features and benefits. You will also find important information about the working principle behind an OIS system and the technology used to design an effective control algorithm to move the camera lens precisely.
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