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The STM32L151/152 devices extend the ultra-low-power concept with no compromise on performance, using the Cortex-M3 core and a flexible CPU clock from 32 kHz up to 32 MHz. As well as the dynamic run and low-power run modes, two additional ultra-low-power modes bring you very low power consumption while keeping an RTC, backup register content and low-voltage detector.

The STM32L151/152 devices are designed for medical, industrial and consumer applications and feature an onboard fast
12-bit 1 MSPS ADC, USB 2.0 FS and capacitive touch sensing. You may extend the memory range using the SDIO and FSMC interfaces.

To reduce application cost and design, the STM32L151/152 offer an integrated LCD driver with up to 8 x 40 segments.

The STM32L151/152 portfolio offers from 32 to 512 Kbytes of Flash and from 48- to 144-pin packages.

STM32 L1 series of ultra-low-power ARM® Cortex®-M3 32-bit microcontrollers now ranges up to 512KB flash

The new 512KB STM32 L1 devices offer outstanding ultra-low power performance and target cost-efficient embedded designs in connected and battery-operated applications in fitness, healthcare, wearable, and industrial/metering domains. The NUCLEO-L152RE evaluation board supports Arduino™  connectivity and is mbed-enabled , allowing to tap into a rich ecosystem,  and to fast track your ultra-low power application development.


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