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26 - 29 Feb, 2024




Feb 26 - 29, 2024

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ST at MWC barcelona 2024

ST at MWC barcelona 2024

ST was at MWC Barcelona 2024. We showcased a range of innovative solutions that help you take your design to the next level. From edge AI-powered MCUs and smart sensors to innovative connectivity ICs, next-generation optical sensing and wireless power solutions – we have what you need.

Our demos


Smart cameras

Our tiny global shutter cameras can operate invisibly behind OLED displays for secure face authentication on smartphones, laptops and tablets. A full reference design is available.


Time-of-Flight cameras

Experience the first fully integrated 3D dToF camera with groundbreaking lidar module, allowing up to 2.3 k resolution, and providing accurate 5 cm to 10 m range for camera assist and room mapping.


Air quality monitoring

Discover how ST FlightSense Time-of-Flight sensors enable an ultracompact, fanless particle-sensing system. The solution provides real-time monitoring of the air quality.


In-car hand gesture

ST Time-of-Flight sensors enable advanced and accurate in-car hand gesture recognition, offering safer driver and passenger interaction with infotainment and comfort systems.


Edge AI & smart city

STM32-based edge AI audio event detection for low-latency, low-power, real-time monitoring in smart city applications based on AWS MLOps infrastructure. Demonstration in partnership with AVNET.

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Smart sensors

Our latest IMUs with embedded AI, sensor fusion, and vertical analog front-end sensing features enable edge processing for advanced use-cases and lower system power consumption.


60 GHz contactless link

ST60 60 GHz RF transceivers provide contactless links for low-power, high-speed, short-latency, and stable data transfer, enabling 360° rotation without physical connectors and rotating joints.


NB-IoT & GNSS module

Experience our sensor-to-cloud and real-time satellite positioning demonstrations featuring the compact ST all-in-one NB-IoT and GNSS module, with ultralow power consumption.


Wireless power

ST high efficiency wireless charging ICs feature design flexibility for a broad range of wearable and mobile phone applications, as well as special use-cases such as rotating cameras.

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