Imaging and photonics solutions

STMicroelectronics provides a wide range of imaging solutions and continues to enhance our customers products with different product categories

ST controls all aspects of the design and manufacturing chain and is one of the few imaging solution suppliers to do so. ST’s imaging teams benefit from 500 staff contributing to all aspects of product creation starting with multiple design centers worldwide, dedicated process engineers in ST’s advanced silicon fabrication plants and world-class backend manufacturing resources resulting in high quality products for the end customer.

ST offers a family of high-accuracy and target-independent ranging sensors, leveraging ST’s own patented technology called FlightSense™ using the Time-of-Flight (ToF) principle. ST’s family of products featuring high performance, small footprint and low power consumption is ideally suited for wireless applications and handheld devices. First to enable high-volume production of fully integrated and small-sized Time-of-Flight products, ST’s Imaging solutions are opening for more innovative use-cases and for user-experience enhancements for a wide variety of devices and application markets.

Mastering all aspects of the imaging chain, ST is well placed to offer custom design services to key customers with a number of custom sensors, ISPs and imaging modules already on the market. ST offers custom design services with worldwide design centers, dedicated process engineers in advanced silicon fabrication plants and world-class backend manufacturing resources. Our continuously expanding portfolio of proprietary technologies enables specialized and differentiated imaging solutions leveraging our large expertise around optical modules and sensors. ST offers premium services to help you build an efficient ecosystem with our existing or new partners, by sustaining a secured development and accompanying you throughout the product lifecycle with direct access to imaging experts.