ST offers a wide range of products enabling NFC technology, covering NFC front-end, Secure Elements, and ESD protection for antenna.

  • NFC front-end
  •  Dynamic NFC tags (also known as Dual Interface EEPROM), enabling many data exchange and wireless pairing use cases in an affordable and easy-to-use way
  •  NFC transceivers, featuring an integrated 13.56 MHz multi-protocol RF interface, with SPI and UART serial access, supporting all NFC modes (reader-writer, peer-to-peer and card emulation)
  • Secure Element : The SM23YT66 (Option Mifare) and ST23YT66 are designed to address all secure readers including USB 2.0, EMVCo  and MIFARE™ Classic readers. They embed a full set of crypto and communication libraries and interface with STRFNFCA through SPI link