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iNEMO-Inertial Modules

iNEMO inertial modules integrate different types of sensors to offer more compact, robust and easy-to-assemble solutions compared to discrete MEMS products. iNEMO inertial modules deliver more accurate and reliable sensor performance combined with a reduction of the footprint by up to 85%, depending on the solution selected. ST`s iNEMO hardware and software solutions include:

  • System-in-packages (SiP) that integrate accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer in a monolithic 6-axis or 9-axis solution
  • INEMO-M1 system-on-boards that are 9-axis IMUs with an STM32 microcontroller on board and are ready to use and programmable by the users
  • iNEMO Engine, ST`s sensor-fusion software suite based on dedicated filtering and prediction algorithms. iNEMO Engine compares different data coming from multiple sensors in a smart way independently of environmental conditions to reach the best performance.

The complete portfolio of iNEMO hardware and software solutions brings motion sensing systems to the level required for the most demanding applications, such as enhanced gesture recognition/gaming, augmented reality, indoor navigation and localization-based services.

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