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Earbuds and Headsets (TWS)

Headsets come in a wide variety of form factors and functionality.  The primary function of a headset is to deliver high quality stereo music and sound, but the most advanced headsets incorporate a number of other functions including microphones for voice capture and noise cancellation, sound processing, on-headset controls for audio playback and call handling, wireless connectivity and wireless charging.  Tiny form factor in-ear devices can achieve unprecedented voice quality thanks to bone vibration sensing combined with high quality voice capture with MEMS microphones and optimized signal processing.

Microphones, BTLE, wireless charging solutions

ST provides range of products that can enhance headset design. Key products include low-power analog and multi-mode digital MEMS microphones with high dynamic range, sensors for motion and vibration capture, low-power microcontrollers for control and sound processing, ultra-low power Bluetooth low energy connectivity and audio amplifiers. We also offer wireless battery charging system solutions that simplify design with a tiny footprint and efficient power transfer combined with safety and reliability.