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N-Channel (>400V to 650V)

For power management designs, the right MOSFET with a 450 V to 650 V breakdown voltage range can often be selected based upon its on-resistance which is available down to 17 mΩ (650 V) in Max247 packages. These MOSFETs are designed to meet a broad range of requirements for SMPS, UPS, LED lighting, PV-inverter, motor control, welding and automotive applications.

MOSFET features for this voltage rating include:

  • Intrinsic fast recovery diode option for selected product lines
  • Easy to drive thanks to excellent switching characteristics
  • Wide package range including SMD PowerFLAT packages for compact designs
  • Gate to source zener protection

These MOSFETs are available in miniature and high-power packages: DPAK, D2PAK, I2PAK, I2PAKFP, ISOTOP , Max247, SO8, SOT-223, TO-220, TO-220FP, TO-247, TO247-4, TO-3PF, TO-92, and PowerFLAT HV family (3.3x3.3, 5x5, 5x6, 8x8).

550/650 V MDmesh V power MOSFETs

So you can achieve greater energy savings in power conversion, we have enlarged our product offering of  MDmesh V MOSFETs. These MOSFETs enhance on-state resistance per silicon area performance (550 V and 650 V @ 25 °C) and significantly reduce losses in PFC circuits, power supplies and solar inverters. This in turn enables new generations of electronic products with greater energy savings and superior power density. Several packages are available, including the new 4-lead TO247-4 featuring a dedicated control pin for increased switching efficiency, the 1-mm-high surface-mount PowerFLAT 8x8 HV and the PowerFLAT 5x6 HV featuring an exposed metal drain pad for efficient heat dissipation.
This new technology will help product designers tackle emerging challenges such as the high-efficiency targets of new eco-design directives, and will also benefit the renewable energy sector by saving vital watts normally lost in power-control modules.
MDmesh V MOSFETs achieve up to 40% better RDS(on) versus the previous MDmesh II technology and establish a new milestone in the power switch arena. The MDmesh V portfolio of high-voltage MOSFETs has been recently enlarged with the introduction of the industry’s first 650 V AEC-Q101 qualified devices housed in the popular TO-247 package. They are ideal for hard-switching and high-current topologies in HEVs and EVs.

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