MDmesh DM9 series

ST power logoThe state-of-the-art MDmesh DM9 super-junction power MOSFETs are ST's latest fast-recovery diode MOSFET series, optimized for full-bridge phase-shifted ZVS topologies. These 600 and 650 V fast-recovery MOSFETs, including AEC-Q101-qualified devices for automotive applications, feature the best Figure of Merit (RDS(on) max x Qg) on the market, a very low recovery charge and time (Qrr, trr) and deliver up to 46% lower RDS(on) compared to the previous generation. The MDmesh DM9 series is available in a wide range of package options including TO-247 long leads, TO-220, H2PAK-2, TO-LL, PowerFLAT HV (8 x 8 mm) and SOT223-2. These power MOSFETs belong to the STPOWER family.

The first automotive grade device in the STPOWER MDmesh DM9 AG series is the STH60N099DM9-2AG, in H2PAK-2 package.



Ideal for equipment such as charging stations for electric vehicles, telecom data centers, 5G power stations, servers, solar inverters, UPS, and energy storage systems, on board chargers (OBC) and DC-DC converters for EV/HEV, the MDmesh DM9 series enables superior energy ratings with more robust performance and increased power density.

Charging stations application
Charging stations for electric vehicles
Telecom data centers application
Telecom data centers
5G power stations application
5G Power Stations
Servers application
Solar inverters application
Solar inverters

UPS and energy storage systems application
UPS and energy storage systems


On board charger (OBC) application
On board charger (OBC)

DC/DC converter for EV/HEV application
DC/DC converter for EV/HEV



Product types

The MDmesh DM9 series offers an improved reduction of maximum drain-source on resistance compared to the previous technology (MDmesh DM6 series) by package type (TO-220, TO-LL, PowerFLAT 8x8 HV, and DPAK).

MDmesh DM9 versus DM6 series



  • Increased level of power
  • Extremely high efficiency and increased power density
  • Improved system reliability and robustness
  • Higher operating frequencies and better thermal management