07 Mar 2006 | Geneva

STMicroelectronics Breaks the 1pF Barrier for DVI and HDMI Interface ESD Protection

Geneva / 07 Mar 2006

With the proliferation of portable, high-performance computer, consumer and telephone equipment where the user typically takes no precautions against static electricity, protection devices play a key role in ensuring reliable operation of the equipment. Protecting high speed data ports is particularly challenging as the capacitive loading introduced by the protection devices can significantly degrade the signal integrity, especially at the increasingly high data rates required by DVI and HDMI. Previous solutions typically presented a capacitive loading of several picoFarads - high enough to require designers to make difficult trade-offs between the level of protection provided and the resulting signal degradation at typical working data rates.

The ultra-low line capacitance (0.6pF, typical, for DVI/HDMI application conditions, and 1pF maximum) of the DVIULC6-4SC6 provides a new level of trade-off. For the first time, designers can provide 15KV ESD protection of these interfaces without sacrificing signal integrity. Moreover, the footprint of the DVIULC6-4SC6 is compatible with ST’s popular USBLC6-4SC6 ESD protection device for USB 2.0 ports, allowing easy board upgrades.

The new device exceeds IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 requirements with up to 15kV contact discharge, whereas most competitive products are only guaranteed up to 8kV. In addition to the greatly reduced line capacitance (0.6pF versus 3pF), the DVIULC6-4SC6 also offers better impedance matching (0.015pf versus 0.04pF), minimal channel imbalance and crosstalk (0.007pF versus 0.13pF), and an ultra-high cut-off frequency of 5.5GHz.

Housed in a tiny SOT23-6L package, the DVIULC6-4SC6 is ideal for protecting data and video lines in a wide range of computer, consumer and telecom products that use DVI, HDMI, USB2.0, 1394a, b or c, Firewire, or Ethernet 10/100/1000 interfaces. The device is in full production and costs $0.25 in quantities of 2500 pieces.

Further information is available at www.st.com/protection

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