Useful designer resources for analog signal conditioning applications

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ST help you find the best operational amplifiers, comparators and current sense amplifiers for your design.

Operational amplifiers play a major role in analog signal conditioning applications. ST’s op amp portfolio includes devices designed to satisfy all the requirements for the latest applications including more complex amplification and filtering, or just for interfacing analog signals with an analog-to-digital converter or a microcontroller for both industrial and automotive standards.

Application examples

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Most of ST’s high-performance op amps come with our 10-year longevity commitment.


Recommended resources


Training kit for operational amplifiers and comparators

Easy-to-use setup for experimenting and learning with low-frequency op amp-based applications and common op amp-based schematics


eDSim: fast and powerful electrical simulation software for SMPS and analog ICs

Got your analog circuit design ready in eDesignSuite? Now run the eDSim tool to crunch the electrical simulations 10 to 50 times faster than traditional analog SPICE simulators! You can even create your schematic from scratch using ST models or simulate your SMPS and analog ICs from a list of predefined ST application schematics


Operational amplifier and comparator application for smartphones and tablets

The ST-OPAMPS-APP is a free application for smartphones and tablets that allows you to select the appropriate operational amplifier, comparator, or other signal conditioning device. An op-amp cross reference tool is embedded in the application to ease product comparison. Moreover, standard and applicative schematics are available with product proposals and component value calculations.

Operational Amplifier Quick Reference Guide

In addition to discussing the key requirements for op amps in various applications, the guide describes how to pick the best op amp for your design. This quick reference guide also ST Restricted provides information about ST’s most recent operational amplifiers and their main characteristics.



Training kit for op amps and comparators

Experiment, learn, prototype with this training kit. You can use the kit in an academic context for students' training, as well as for professionals' training: junior analog engineers, distributors, and customers. It is also useful for a fast evaluation and prototyping of low-frequency op amp-based applications.



Current sense amplifiers for industrial and automotive applications

Each time you have batteries or use motors, you need current sensing. Current sensing solutions add valuable safety and protection features to system designs. They provide information to control current in power systems and avoid overheating and short circuits. Do you want to know more about the last ST current sense amplifiers for industrial and automotive applications? Watch our video!

webinar op amps

This webinar address various design considerations for effective current sensing and cover application examples for isolated power supplies, digital isolators, and isolated sigma-delta converters.

  • Current sensing essentials and new products
  • Top level blocks of industrial applications
  • Design tips and application hints
  • Isolated and nonisolated current sensing with overcurrent protection
  • New eDSim SPICE simulation tool