SCT055HU65G3AG automotive-grade silicon carbide power MOSFET 650V-30A 58 mOhm typ. in an HU3PAK package

650V automotive-grade silicon-carbide STPOWER MOSFET in an SMD HU3PAK package with top side cooling

Combining the intrinsic features of ST's 3rd-generation STPOWER SiC technology with the high thermal performance of the top side cooling package, the SCT055HU65G3AG is ideal for OBC and DC/DC converters in electric vehicle applications, and power conversion for industrial. 


The SCT055HU65G3AG features a very low RDS(on) over the entire temperature range combined with low capacitance and very high switching operations, which improve application performance in frequency, energy efficiency, system size and weight reduction. Furthermore, the advanced surface mounted (SMD) HU3PAK package with top side cooling allows a smaller form factor, higher design flexibility and better thermal performance while increasing the power density.

Thanks to the additional Kelvin-source pin, designers can achieve better efficiency due to reduced turn-on/off switching losses.

For more info on the HU3PAK package, visit the page Top-side cooling SMD packages for automotive applications.



Key features

  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Very low RDS(on) over the entire temperature range
  • High-speed switching performance
  • Very fast and robust intrinsic body diode
  • Source sensing pin for increased efficiency


Application examples

On-board chargers

Charging stations

DC-DC converters

Power supply units

Uninterruptible power supplies


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HU3PAK package mounting and thermal behavior
Technical note

HU3PAK is a package made by STMicroelectronics ready for automotive and industrial high-performance applications. This package is a top side-cooling package. It can be mount over a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and semiconductor chips are directly connected to the lead frame.

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