H-Bridge DC Motor Driver for Automotive Application

AEC-qualified integrated solutions for single and dual DC motor applications 

Application Example

The rising demand of tough requirements reducing exhaust emission and fuel consumption is the driving force for the motor bridges proliferation, controlling various actuators based on DC motors. The L9960 series has been designed for throttle control in high precision drive-by-wire (DBW) powertrain systems allowing the implementation of the most advanced control algorithms, thanks to the high level of programmability L9960 series can be used in a variety of other medium/high power DC motor control applications.

Our integrated H-bridges for DC motor applications integrate low on-resistance power MOSFETs to reduce power dissipation and a Serial Peripheral Interface for adjusting device parameters and to read out diagnostic information. H Bridge can be driven by two selectable driving modes: IN1/IN2 or PWM /DIR. These driving modes are selectable via SPI. 
Available in single (L9960) and twin-bridge (L9960T) options, they share the same package and pin compatibility on one bridge allowing high flexibility in PCB layout.  

Several applications can be addressed via L9960 and L9960T:

  • ETC (Electronic Throttle Control)
  • EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
  • Swirl and Tumble Flaps
  • Turbo charger waste gates
  • Electric water pump
  • Any brushed DC Motor Control


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Integrated solution - Power Management SBC:

or Chipset:
- Voltage regulators:
   L9001 / L9777x / L5300x / L5150x
- CAN: L9616

ESDCAN01-2BLY in SOT23-3L, for cars

ESDCAN03-2BWY  in SOT323-3L, for cars

ESDCAN05-2BWY in SOT323-3L, for trucks


Design Support Tools

ST offers a complete set of tools to evaluate  L9960 and  L9960T.  Collaterals include both hardware framework composed of SPC56P discovery board ( SPC56P-DISP) and L9960/L9960T evaluation boards –  EVAL-L9960EVAL-L9960T – as well as GUI with related firmware and documentation. Collaterals also include dedicated application notes.