Thank you for visiting ST at Sensors Converge 2023. We are pleased to provide you with additional resources on the technologies we presented at the event. Resources include information on the products highlighted, videos showcasing the technology in action, and exclusive access to the PDF files of the demo presentations. Additionally, we encourage you to explore the presentations delivered during the event by ST experts in MEMS & sensor technology and solutions.

"Best of Sensors" Award-Winning MEMS Sensor

ST product:  LIS2DUX12

Sensors for Transportation

ST product:  ASM330LHHX

IR Presence Sensor

ST product:  STHS34PF80

Condition Monitoring

ST products:, ISM330ISN

IMU with Embedded Sensor Fusion

ST products: PRO, LSM6DSV16X

Intelligent IMU

ST product: LSM6DSO16IS

Pressure Sensors

ST product: ILPS28QSW

Wireless Charging

ST products: STWLC38JRM, STWBC86JR

MATTER connectivity

ST product: STM32WB55

NanoEdge AI - Gesture Detection

Anomaly Detection & Cloud Access

ST products: STM32MP1 Series, STM32WB Series, STM32WL Series, STM32U5 Series

NFC - Sensor Node

ST product: ST25DV

Time of Flight for AI

ST product: VL53L8CH

SWIR Camera​

Innovative Image Sensors

ST products: VD55G0, VD55G1, VD56G3