Automotive power management ICs with LIN and CAN-FD transceivers

Boost your ECU design in terms of power management capability, flexibility, and consumption

The SPSB081 system basis chips embed LIN and optional CAN-FD physical communication layers and two low-dropout regulators: the first with a fixed rail (5 V or 3.3 V), while the second is a programmable tracker voltage regulator. These power management ICs are complete with diagnostics and protections, as well as four high-side drivers to supply LEDs and sensors.

SPSB081 automotive system basis chip family



3.3V fixed LDO, LIN and CAN-FD transceiver



5V fixed LDO, LIN and CAN-FD transceiver



3.3V fixed LDO and CAN-FD transceiver



5V fixed LDO and CAN-FD transceiver

Key features

  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • 2 embedded low-dropout regulators
  • Very low quiescent current (typ. 15 µA)
  • Compliant LIN and CAN FD transceivers
  • 4 HS drivers for 0.14 A (RON = 7 Ω)
  • 10-bit PWM timer for each HS driver
  • DIAGN pin for fail-safe signalization
  • Current monitor output for HS drivers
  • Open-load diagnosis for all outputs
  • Overcurrent, overvoltage, & temp protection

Application examples

Telematic control units

Body control module

NFC door handles


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Press announcement

The SPSB081 automotive power-management IC is a Swiss Army Knife of features including a main fixed-voltage low-dropout regulator (LDO), a secondary programmable LDO, four high-side drivers, a CAN FD transceiver, and an optional LIN transceiver.

SPSB081 automotive power management IC with LIN and CAN-FD transceivers

Automotive power management IC with LIN and CAN-FD transceivers


The SPSB081 is a power management system IC providing electronic control modules with enhanced power management functionality, including various standby modes to minimize the power consumption with programmable local and remote wake-up capability, as well as LIN (optional) and CAN-FD physical communication layers.

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