TouchGFX, the free software tool

for creating stunning user interfaces on STM32

Take your UI design to the next level with the free stock library in TouchGFX 4.21!

When it comes to providing a seamless user experience on embedded devices, every detail counts! TouchGFX is an advanced software package that allows you to create stunning graphical interfaces on embedded devices.

TouchGFX Stock is a gallery of ready-to-use themes, backgrounds, and visuals. The GUI tool helps you quickly find everything you need to create a consistent, professional-looking UI. The stock library will continue to grow in the coming months to give you more freedom in your UI design.

NEW in version 4.21

  • Introducing TouchGFX Stock, the gallery of ready-to-use themes, backgrounds, visuals
  • New SVG widget in TouchGFX Designer
  • Improved interface to simplify the daily work for GUI developers
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TouchGFX 4.21: TouchGFX Stock, the largest library of graphical assets, free for STM32 MCUs
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Key features in TouchGFX

  • Smartphone-like animations
  • User-friendly interface for easy programming
  • Minimum CPU load and footprints
  • Included in the STM32 ecosystem
  • Support and documentation to help you easily get started
  • Free of charge

Application examples

home automation Appliances, Home automation
industrial applications Industrial applications
health wellness Health & wellness
Wearable Wearables
medical Medical

Build your own smartphone-like GUI!

The STM32 GUI offer helps you move forward with your design, from idea to final product. It includes a large choice of developer kits, software examples, and demos. Each developer kit comes with a flashed demonstration.

From simple, low-color UIs, to high-resolution interfaces, TouchGFX runs on all STM32 display boards to cover a wide range of projects.

Webinar objectives
  • An overview of the STM32 Graphics ecosystem including TouchGFX
  • Basic rules and helpful design tips for developing GUIs for use on resource limited MCUs
  • Hands-on look at designing real-life GUIs with different screens and effective animations using TouchGFX on an entry-level STM32G071 MCU and a 320x240 SPI display