STM32CubeProgrammer Data Collection Information Notice


The purpose of this Data Collection Information Notice is to provide you with the processing of personal data and login credentials when downloading and interacting with the software STM32CubeProgrammer (STM32CubeProg).

1- Website usage:

When you connect with ST website page to download certain STM32CubeProgrammer software (and the associated embedded software) you must first complete the registration process via the registration form “myST” available via the Login button.
On a personal data protection standpoint all interactions with the ST website including the registration process are subject to the terms set forth in the privacy portal made available to you via the footnote “Privacy Portal”.

2- Local usage:

After downloading the software STM32CubeProgrammer via the website and installing it on your computer, you have the choice to access and download each of the associated embedded software in:

  • a tracking manner by clicking on the install button, or accepting a download operation, to set up a connection with ST’s server for the connection to be triggered you are directed to a window to enter the credentials you have created via your initial registration to the ST’s website. At the time of the first connection, you will be offered the possibility to store your login credentials on your computer. If you decide to select this option, ST can track your activity and associate it to you. The purpose of such tracking is for analytics and measurement to understand how you use our software, how we can improve it, and to provide you with a better user experience.
    On a personal data protection standpoint, the tracking we undertake is subject to the terms set forth in the Privacy Portal made available to you via the footnote “Privacy Portal”.
  • A non-tracking manner to use the associated embedded software in a non-identifiable manner.

If you decide to implement the tracking solution the tracked information is limited to the identification of which packages and which extensions, you downloaded. Note that we have the analytic capacity, from this information, to infer information associated to the usage of a STM32 microcontroller (such as smart metering, motor control, IoT, or medical instruments) and communicate with you about such usage. Even if you opt in, you are able to use the STM32CubeProgrammer interface to opt out of further tracking.

Finally, note that when interacting with STM32CubeProgrammer we collect non-personal data that we use for the purpose of qualitative media monitoring analysis and internal reporting.

STMicroelectronics STM32CubeProgrammer Data Collection Information Notice (June 2023)