On-demand Webinar: Rad Hard Point-of-Load

Register here to watch our one-hour webinar in replay and discover how to navigate through our Rad Hard POL features.

We will present an overview of the new Rad Hard Point-of-Load by STMicroelectronics for Space applications. We will describe the main parameters of this 3.0 to 12V input synchronous step-down switching regulator, and how you can take advantage of its interleaving capability to supply output loads at much higher multiples of the 7A rating for a single device.

We will show you the many functional features of this QML-V qualified (SMD 5962-20208) device, including 2 levels of overcurrent protection and a sophisticated soft-start procedure with several options for controlling inrush current. ST provides highly accurate PSPICE models and an evaluation board for testing and development, and a couple of reference design projects are currently underway to demonstrate its performance in different application scenarios.

This on-demand session covers the following:

  • RHRPMPOL01 Key Features Overview
  • Synchronisation and Interleaving features
  • Soft Start
  • Efficiency
  • Alarms & Protections
  • Support tools (Models, Boards, Radiation reports)
  • Plastic Rad Hard POL overview

Bonus: live Q&A session included with feedback from ST’s experienced speakers.

Our speakers:

Chira Vinci

Chira Vinci graduated in Electronics Engineering and has a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from University of Catania, Italy. She works in ST since more than 25 years, and is currently Marketing Manager for Industrial Segment Key Accounts and for AeroSpace Business for Region Europe. She supports Analog and Discretes products. She is based in Paris..

Piercalo Scimonelli

Piercarlo is based in Schaumburg, IL, where he is the manager of a team of Product Marketing Engineers for General Purpose Analog and Low Power RF products in the Americas. Since joining ST in 1999, he has held various Technical Marketing roles covering DC/DC Power Management, Linear and Switching Regulators, LED drivers, AC/DC converters, Operational Operational Amplifiers, Logics and Interfaces, Motor Control and Custom Analog.



STは、STの製品およびサービスに関するニュースレター、広告、およびその他の特定のターゲット・マーケティング資料を(直接、またはSTの現地関連会社あるいは販売代理店を通じて)お客様にお送りするため、お客様がSTに直接提供する、および / またはSTのウェブサイトでのお客様の行動を通じて提供する個人データを、個人情報保護方針に従って利用します。お客様の個人データは、ヨーロッパ連合域内および同連合域外の国にあるSTの現地関連会社および販売代理店に提供されることになります。STの現地関連会社および販売代理店の一覧は、当社のウェブサイトの個人情報保護方針で確認することができます。特定のターゲット・マーケティング資料をお客様にお送りするために、お客様がSTに対して直接および / またはSTウェブサイトでのお客様の行動を通じて提供する情報は、STが別な状況(例えばお客様がST、STの現地関連会社または販売代理店と取引関係を結ぶ場合など)でお客様から取得した他の情報と統合される場合もあります。